Narrator Interview - Wayne Legette

March 18, 2023 00:35:51
Narrator Interview - Wayne Legette
Audiobook Release Podcast
Narrator Interview - Wayne Legette

Mar 18 2023 | 00:35:51


Show Notes

Joining us today on the Audiobook Release Podcast is Wayne LeGette from the talent roster of e-Audio Productions - The Worlds Best Audiobook Production Service.

Wayne has been an award winning working actor, voice actor and audiobook narrator for over 35 years. Most recently Wayne joined the successful TV Show "Just My Type" playing Aaron Goldman. Previously, he played Walter Price in the feature film "Omniboat: A Fast Boat Fantasia" directed by The Daniels and featured at Sundance Film Festival 2020.

Follow the link below to visit Wayne's narrator profile on e-Audio Productions, listen to his samples or request an audiobook production with Wayne.


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